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Here's What Belly Dancers Across the U.S.A are Saying about Core Training for Belly Dancers!

      I've been doing these exercises several times a week and have really seen a difference in my muscle tone and flexibility. The basic exercises are excellent to start with, and once you've mastered them, the variations provide an additional challenging worout.

      I like the straightforward instructional format. The camera angle provide a clear view of the exercises, and the booklet allows me to continue my routine away from the TV or computer -- especially useful when I'm traveling.

      This is one of the most useful and well-developed exercise DVDs I have tried. I highly recommend it, both for the beginner as well as the experienced exercise junkie.

Carla Coupe Silver Spring, MD

      I began doing the basic workout two and a half months ago when I started belly dance lessons. My instructor recently complimented me on my improved posture. I know that my abdominal muscles are stronger, too, and most of the new dance movements I am learning are now easier for me to execute. This system really works for me.

      I really like the fact that the DVD features actual belly dancers performing the stretches and not fitness models to whom few people can relate. The dancers are of three different body types and appear to be in three different age groups. Another plus is the section on optional exercises, where I can substitute exercises in four of the five core areas. I like variety, and the optionals allow me to vary the workout so it never gets stale or old.

Debby Robinson McLean, VA

      It's perfect! I like that the basic worout is simple and short for those times when I'm on the run and is great for a "chunchtime" workout. I am especially pleased that it has so many modifications further on in the program.

I really appreciated the demo models (who are working belly dancers) - I always get demoralized when I get a tape that has these rippling, 21 year olds who look like they don't have an ounce of fat on them and never have. It was important for me to see a realistic presentation of what I can expect from following the program.

      The insert is fabulous! I enjoyed reading about each dancer and what they've from the program. It's also handy to tae with you if you're going to be on the road and do not have access to a DVD.

      I've been doing the basic workout for about two weeks and have been rewarded with more definition in my midsection, my backbends are becoming easier (because my abs are stronger) and my belly rolls are much more visible! I'm looking forward to seeing how it has affected my dancing in a couple of months.

Jennifer A. Dawson Middletown, OH

      Over the years, the Fitness Pharaoh has developed a core training workout especially for belly dancers, and describes it on this DVD. There is a little diagram of the associated muscle groups prior to each section. The background music by Desert Wind and the pyramid-desert-at-sunset theme could have been hokey if it weren't so beautifully and expertly done. Three real dances, not models, with very different ages and physiques are used in the demos, and they each do a short belly dance segment at the end.

      I followed the recommended workout regime, and this has results in a difference in my midsection people can actually see, and some have commented on it. It took months, but I am still seeing changes I like. A few of the moves are challenging at first, but I was pleased that I could eventually increase the repetitions to mark progress.

Janet B. Quinn Gaithersburg, MD

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